It Has Been One Heck of a Year!

I looked up the other day and realized we have been around for 1 year! It has been 1 year and 23 days to be exact. I want to say it felt good, but it really felt a bit weird. In some ways I think we haven’t accomplished enough! Our brand isn’t well known enough or in any major stores. But, then I looked down at my Jonas positivity bracelet and I knew that was not the attitude to have.

I started thinking about all the things we have accomplished in one year! And I started to get invigorated with a newfound energy. An energy that has sparked the talks for our next umbrella… shhh it’s still a secret on whom we are working with; but I am happy to say we are working on the next pattern.

So given our belated 1 year anniversary I wanted to make a list of some of the things we accomplished over the past twelve months with the help of so many people.

  • Came up with an overwhelming idea to sell umbrellas to bring clean water to children in Uganda. (August)
  • Incorporated as a company in September.
  • Found a non-profit partner, Drop in The Bucket, who have been beyond amazing.
  • Created a logo and started developing brand awareness. We now have 684 Instagram followers, 597 Facebook Likes, 148 Twitter followers, and one post that reached 13,500 people!
  • Designed a killer pattern for our first umbrella. We love those bikes!
  • Had our first three interns from George Washington University! Thank you guys.
  • Ran an enthusiastic and fun Indiegogo campaign raising almost $11,000.
  • Successfully manufactured limited edition umbrellas with handles that have never been made before!
  • Opened up our first office and had two outstanding interns for the summer.
  • Finished in the top 10 of the Montreal Start-up Festival $100,000 pitch competition. The only non-tech company in the top 10 at that!
  • Delivered 270 umbrellas to all of our pre-order customers in two weeks.
  • Made our first International sale. Which led to Jonas being in 5 different countries. The United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Turkey, and Germany.
  • Packed up our new office and moved across the country to California. Check out our pictures on Instagram!
  • And we finally have a school we are excited to drill a well for. We are planning our first giving trip for this upcoming February with our friend B.C Serna! (Check out his videos they are unreal!)

So it has been a really amazing year and I have met so many inspiring people from the team at Conscious Magazine, to some of the nicest bloggers out there, The Fashionably Broke and The StyleLine. The Feast in NYC and the inviting people from Plywood are showing the world that people can come together to make a difference. People like Hannah Brencher and brands like So Worth Loving have shown me what it means to follow your dreams and fight for a cause that matters to you. All of my friends and interns who have supported Jonas at our high times and our low times – thank you.

Jonas is all of us. It is everyone who bought an umbrella and everyone who told a friend about this crazy umbrella company trying to solve the world’s water crisis. It’s been a wild year and we couldn’t have done it with out you. So thank you and here is to the next year of success.

Blogger Lydia showing off her umbrella in Brooklyn.

Blogger Lydia showing off her umbrella in Brooklyn.