A Jonas Road Trip

We made a move! We packed up all of our things into one Prius and headed off to San Diego. The move was a heart breaking and a heart filling experience to say the least. It was sad to say goodbye to the Jonas family we had built up on the east coast, but we are filled with excitement of the potential that awaits the west coast. You might be asking why did Jonas have to move at all?! Well, I got a job offer that is going to allow me to hone some skills I can use for Jonas and they are encouraging me to continue Jonas at the same time – so it is a win win! I am excited for the new challenge and am hopeful that the support of our followers and enthusiasts will not wain in this transition stage of our company.

We moved across the country the only way we knew how, the fun way. A road trip of epic proportions! We took almost 10 days to make the trek stopping to visit, family, friends, and fellow world changers. If you want all the photos you can check them out on our Instagram. But here was the run down…

Day 1: A long drive from Connecticut to Tennessee

– We stayed with Nikol’s friend Dayle in Mosheim Tennesee. It was a very rural town, but the sky was so clear and blue. Come to find out it was also near the birth place of Davey Crockett, we were unable to find any fake raccoon hats for our photos but it wasn’t from a lack of effort.

Day 2&3: Nashville the home of the Honkytonk.

– If you haven’t been to Nashville you have to go. We had such a good time seeing all the live music and checking out the historic music sites. Including the Country Music Hall of Fame!


Day 3: The Gateway to the West

-We only went to St. Louis for the Arch. We wanted to spend more time there, but time wasn’t on our side with this move so we had to keep on trucking. The arch was humongous though and it definitely provided some awesome views of the city and river. The ride up was the best part. You get into a little egg like pod and ride up this rickety shaft for about 4 minutes. It was by far the most thrilling part of the trip to the Arch.


Day 4: Kansas is soooo long and so flat.

-We drove through Missouri and Kansas. This day in a nutshell – cows, grass, wind turbines, repeat.

Day 4 Evening: Garden of the Gods

– Garden of the Gods is a rock formation in Manitou Springs, Colorado. We arrived just at sunset and the light was stunning as it hit the rocks. The highlight of this garden is a rock that looks to be balanced by a much smaller rock. It was fun to take photos all around the rock and see different tourists’ reactions as they approached the awkwardly balanced rock.

GardenofTheGods_JonasUmbrellaDay 5: Caught in the rain… in Denver

-Our day started off with a trip to Red Rocks Amphitheater which was one of the most rad venues I have ever seen. I wish we could have caught a show before we left Colorado; maybe next time!


Then we took off to see the city of Denver. We took some photos outside of the Rockies Stadium, but unfortunately they were on the road playing the Royals. Then we marched down the 16th street mall … and then we got caught in the rain. This has to be one of the most embarrassing things that happened on the whole trip. What kind of umbrella company owner gets caught in the rain with no umbrella?! I swear we checked the weather and it said nothing about rain so we left the umbrella in the car, but I guess that is Denver for you! We got to meet up with our friend B.C Serna who is a film maker, world traveler, and world changer. He is inspiring and does a lot to promote¬†social good through stories while also mentoring teenagers, encouraging them to follow their passions. You can check his website out here if you are interested:¬†http://www.bcserna.co/ – I would suggest watching some of his videos they are very moving and inspirational. This is B.C showing off his modeling in downtown Denver:



We spent the night in Denver and then took off through the mountains toward Utah. The trip through Vail led to some of the most excruciatingly beautiful sights of the whole journey.

Day 6: Homestead Crater, Utah

– Ya… we went swimming in a crater! It was an underground hot spring that Nikol found online. The water was 96 degrees and it was filled with minerals from the earth. It definitely was a much needed soak after several hours in the car. As we floated around the crater we could look up through the hole in the rock at the sky, it was a once and a lifetime adventure for sure.

Day 7: The unexpected makes for the best stop!

– We weren’t planning on the Bonneville Salt Flats, as a matter of fact the waiter the night before even tried to talk us out of going. Honestly, this was my favorite part of the trip. If you don’t know anything about the Salt Flats, basically it is where the Morton Salt factory pulls the majority of their salt and it is also where many of the world land speed records are attempted. What we didn’t know is that when we got there it would be covered in water! We were told after our visit that this was a vary rare occurrence. The water was so calm that you could see everything perfectly reflected in the water. For our best photo you’ll have to go to Instagram, but here is a little teaser!



Day 7: Bryce Canyon

– The only thing to say about Bryce is we wish we had more time! The hiking seemed extensive and it would have been nice to go exploring down in the canyon, but we were able to get to every look out point and see all of Bryce. The interesting thing about Bryce canyon was the large cone shaped rocks that protruded from the canyon floor.


Day 8: The GRAND Finale

– Our last major touristy stop before visiting family in Santa Barbara was the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. First we snagged some tasty breakfast at the lodge which was very relaxing with some great views then we headed out to the look out points. I know the Grand Canyon is not one of the Seven Wonders of the World, well at least the traditional list, but it should be. It is by far the most overwhelmingly emotional thing I have seen in my life. Just its pure size and presence left me with a better understanding of how big the world actually is and what a small piece I am. It was a truly humbling experience and one I will never forget as long as I live.

Grand Canyon Jonas Umbrellas


So that pretty much summed up the exciting parts of our trip. If you are looking for more photos or some play by play you can check out our Twitter. It was a killer trip and we definitely took advantage of all the photo opportunities! With the holidays coming up, keep us in mind as a gift idea. We are so close to funding our well but we still need your help to complete it. Head over to our shop and let’s get a well in the ground!

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