Another move? Back to back cross country moves.

A little background – I moved to San Diego for a job. A job that I thought I would learn a lot from and enjoy. I really believed that my time there was a stepping stone in the right direction to making Jonas what I wanted it to be. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the right decision for me or Jonas.

I began to feel really down. If it wasn’t for my girlfriend, family and friends who reached out to lend me support and advice it would have been a really tough time. So thank you everyone! I kept telling myself, “tough times are good, It is what makes us grow.” And that is true, I have grown and will continue to grow. But, I needed to accept my mistake and move on. Life is too short to be unhappy. This was a long story to say, I am moving back to the East coast.

Ya, I’ll miss the weather that is for sure. I am definitely getting used to taking diggers as I attempt to surf, but who really thought I could sell umbrellas in a place where it never rains?! I am excited to be close to you all again and be inspired by everything you all do. Being a part of your lives and watching you all chase your dreams motivates me more than you know.

What lies ahead for me? I am not quite sure. Maybe I’ll sell shoes at Nordstrom or be a barista at Starbucks. I do know one thing, I am back to chasing my dream of making this company successful. I am re-energized to give back. Speaking of that, stay tuned for an exciting new announcement about our next pattern and our trip to Uganda!

As always, thank you for supporting Jonas. At the end of the day we are all in this together; I couldn’t do it without you.