Will you have more patterns and umbrella types?

Absolutely! We hope in the future if you like we do we will have several patterns and wells going at once. We will even try to expand our umbrella repertoire.

Why is my umbrella numbered?

Well, it let’s you know exactly which number in the batch you are. It makes your umbrella absolutely unique. You can also register your number to receive updates and enter our drawing to go on a trip to visit your well.

How do I enter to win a trip to visit the well?

Simple. Just register your umbrella number and sign up for our email list!

What is covered in the trip to visit the well?

We don’t cover your medical examinations or preparations for the trip. We do however, purchase you a ticket and provide you an itenerary while you are in country. We will eat some meals as a group, but for the most part you are responsible for food and spending money. You will be with one of the Jonas team members and most likely representatives from Drop in the Bucket. It goes without saying you will have an amazing time, but this is Africa, so be ready for an adventure filled with curveballs!