Giving Back Never Felt So Good

I am so proud of all of you. You believed in something and came together to make it happen. It was a long journey but, we finally have enough funds to place our first well in Soroti, Uganda. It is an amazing accomplishment you should all be so proud of. Look at what a group of people can do when they come together!

We will be taking off in late February with our good friend and storyteller B.C Serna to construct the well and tell the story of these amazing kids. We want you to feel connected and excited about your umbrella and know that you changed a child’s life.

In the true spirit of giving back we want to do more! On our trip we would love to give these kids school supplies, soccer balls, and health kits so that they can continue to learn, love, and support their community. We need your help! Go to our Crowd Rise campaign and donate today. Every dollar you spend will go directly to telling this story and bringing as many supplies as we can carry to these beautiful children. We promise to make your money go a long way and we also promise to bring back an amazing story to share.

Click here to see our campaign and donate: