An Umbrella Ode to 2014 Acrostic Style

When was the last time you did an acrostic poem? Scratch that, when was the last time you saw an acrostic poem. Probably like the 3rd grade. Well I felt like 2014 deserved an acrostic ode.

At the end of the year you are supposed to reflect on everything that has happened in your 2014. Celebrate the victories and expunge the losses from memory. So here goes my acrostic reflection…

Unbelievable journey! Who could have imagined we would be this far. In 2014 we started a movement of love and understanding from some scribbles on a notepad. You guys did that! 400 umbrellas now dawn the streets all over the world in celebration of clean water and the future of over 700 children!

Moving is one way to describe 2014. Jonas as a company moved from DC to CT to SD and back to CT. The moves have taught me a lot about friends and even more about happiness. If 2014 taught me anything it has taught me to fight for my happiness. So, promise in 2015 to fight for yours.

Breaks are important and burnouts are real. But lean on the networks you have established – they care about you and want you to succeed. 2014 has given Jonas a family and you always have the members of this family to lean on!

Remember to have fun. 2014 was so much fun! I worked with amazing interns and volunteers; we won awards, and partied our way through everything. Passion is important but 2014’s passions stayed alive because it was fun. Let’s keep the fun rolling in 2015.

Energy from a community of people who want to have an impact in their everyday life decisions. As a millennial I always felt shadowed by the baby boomers before me, but 2014 showed me we are powerful. We strive in creative and shattering norms; our free spirit and risk taking allows us to dream bigger than any generation before. Meeting people at So Worth Loving, Plywood People, Lalabu, Feast, Conscious Magazine, We Are Beautiful, Conscious Step, Blake Cortes Photography, The Fashionably Broke, Good Mood Shopper, BC Serna & so many more has shown me that we are a powerful generation and the world is in for a breathtaking awakening when tomorrows leaders show their face.

Live genuinely, that is what makes a real story. 2014 hasn’t always been peachy, but showing the struggles is what makes Jonas real. Being positive through the struggles is what shows we are strong. 2014 was a genuine year, we showed our soul – the good and the bad and you all received it with open arms.

Learning is a part of living and without it things just aren’t as exciting! Jonas has allowed me to learn about photography, networking, failure, success, friendship, traveling, and even taxes. Find something that forces you to learn new things. It will spark creativity that is for sure! Cheers to learning new things in 2015.

Another year brings new adventure. 2014 was just the beginning of this crazy adventure. Thank you for spending it with us and we can’t wait for 2015. We promise it will bring more umbrellas, more water, and more amazing journeys. Maybe even a trip to Uganda in February… *wink*

For the last time in 2014… Stay Dry. Give Water. Make a Difference.

– Josh

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